Friday, November 21, 2014

holiday party style board inspired by chairish!

In case you didnt' know, Chairish not only has amazing vintage furniture and furnishings, it also has a stunning vintage collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, handbags, scarves, and much more!
I chose the statement necklace of all statement necklaces for the inspiration for my holiday party style board.  Since this is a bold contemporary piece, the rest of the ensemble needed not to be dainty.  The simple black Cape Sleeved Dress from Zara is the perfect backdrop for the Sachin + Babi Statement Necklace.  Add a sculptural vintage Sterling Los Ballesteros Cuff, a Clare V Leopard Clutch, and a bold Casadei Open Toe Bootie, and voilĂ ! 

I just wanted to show antoher image of the dress from Zara, I love the cape!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

retro romance: 1950's interior insperation, Vertigo

 One of my favorite Hitchcock movies, Vertigo from 1958:  Old San Francisco, awesome plot, 50's fashion (Edith Head) and 50's interior design (production designer Henry Bumstead).  My plan is to provide Interior insperation from Midge's apartment and Scotties apartment, but my bleeping computer is beyond difficult, so we'll just focus on Scotties bedroom light today...
this classic brass 2 arm arc floor lamp, is so classic in fact that it doesn't exist anymore!  Please forgive me for the quality of photo, I've resorted to taking my own stills for this Retro Romance feature. The scale of this lamp is perfect for a bedside light or a reading light for an accent chair.  A velvet covered slipper chair would be fantastic!

#1  The closest lamp I was able to find was this beauty from 1stdibs .  It is authentic, classic and vintage.

#2  While the shade of this lamp from HD Buttercup, as well as lamps #1 & #2, is a little more angular than the original movie light, the scale and arc are right on.

#3  I really dig the style of this lamp from Mitchell Gold& Bob Williams, while it doesn't have as soft of lines as the original, it would definitely do with the right bed.

#4  This lamp from Inside Ave. is about as close as it gets.  It's not brass, but it is shiny with a rounded shade and arc.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Interior Styling Holiday Special - 20.twelve.3 Interiors, Denver Metro and Southwest Colorado - the hip, chic, comfortable home

Interior Styling
Style/Color Consults
Shopping Services
all services available in the Denver Metro and Southwest Colorado areas
$55 per hour $45 per hour Holiday Special
flat fee pricing available for "day" projects

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

retro romance: fall fashion inspired by bardot

The search for a Nordic/Scandinavian/Eastern European/Folkish/Bohemian Embroidered Fur Trim Vest was not easy, so I improvised. Etsy does have some great retro sewing patterns available and Ebay has a few vests that could work, but I went HIGH with a beautiful Etro vest and LOW with a faux fur vest from H & M.  Each vest has a day to night look which could be accessorized with long pendants (Anthro has some amazing ones) and a smokey eye, but I kept the looks simple to capture the easy Bohemian spirit that Ms. Bardot personified and owned.

vest H&M Day:  sweater J Crew jeans Gap booties Piperlime bag Piperlime Night:  sweater Mango jeans Gap booties Piperlime

 vest Net-A-Porter Day:  sweater J Crew jeans Gap booties Piperlime bag Piperlime sweater J Crew jeans Gap boots Piperlime

Monday, November 3, 2014

brigitte bardot inspired, fall vesting

We have been very spoiled in Colorado with what can best be described as a very long Indian Summer.  The temps have been in the 70's and even 80's for the past couple of months.  Today is in fact the first true fall day, actually a rain boot day after a few showers this morning.  The rest of the week appears to be quite mild still with temps in the 60's, perfect vest weather.
I'll have a couple of Bardot inspired Style Board's tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

NOT so squealishlygood: online dating sites

image via Google
I have been a reluctant participant in the online dating game, off and on, for a few years now.  As a stylist I work solo from my home studio which means I go a few days at a time without face to face human interaction.  No, I am not a hermit nor am I a former freak show performer.  I go for runs at the park with my dog, to the grocery store, etc., but during these outings I am not looking for some hot guy to trip while running or crash my shopping trolley into.  So there in lies the reason for online dating sites.
I have stories, a few stories, okay, quite a few stories, and it wasn't until my recent foray back in the world of cyber dating that I felt compelled to share.  In all fairness, the site I am currently a member of is "free", I refuse to pay to meet a guy, isn't that what mail order spouses are for?  Okay, not exactly, but you get my point.  I have in the past used paid sites with dismal results, so I'll do my best to weed through the dudes using the free sites as their little black book.
In the beginning, I felt like I should respond to every message I received, to be polite.  I thought it rude to just ignore, especially compliments, but now the delete button is my friend.  Last year I received a message from jumpsta77.  It started out with something like "hi, how are you?",  I responded with "great, and you?".  Even before responding, I knew I had no interest in meeting jumpsta, but I was being polite.  After more prattle, he asked if I'd like to meet for tea (strike 1- coffee/tea dates...another chapter) that afternoon, strike 2- do not ask a gal out for a date to happen that day.  I said no thank you and something along the lines that a future meeting would not be in the cards as well, he then berated me for leading him on.  I told him that I was raised to be polite. Then I received the following...
jumpsta: "Don't waste people's time. Some people are emailing people for a purpose.. Not to pass time"
me:  "Wow, thanks for the online dating lesson."
jumpsta:  "I mean really... What's the point of sitting back and just emailing?  It's pretty cowardly and a waste of your life" 
(not sure about the term cowardly, but he was correct about waste, that's why I delete)
I now state in my profile, "NOT into small talk/conversations through messaging, if you want to meet, let's meet."
Admittedly, the delete button doesn't always work.  I received a message from a man 13 years my senior who lived 350 miles away, delete.  I heard back from him a few days later, "I was hoping to hear from you".  I responded with "Well, you are 13 years older and you live in Durango.  I do not live in Durango and I am not interested in dating a man 13 years older."  Of course he had to get the snarky last word in, "Thank you for your honesty, but just so you know, you probably couldn't keep up..."

I would love to hear from other's who have or are currently using an online dating site
 to share the good, the bad and the ugly.
Share in comments or send me an e-mail TCSTYLST1@GMAIL.COM


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

love it, live it: deco glam lounge inspired by fall, furnished by chairish

If you love amazing vintage furniture from any number of periods and styles; Hollywood Regency, Mid-Century Mod, Art Deco, Danish Modern, Asian, plus many, many more, you have to check out Chairish!  A squealishlygood site founded by a team of co-founders who were "passionate about connecting design lovers with each other in the best, most practical and enjoyable way to buy and sell amazing, unique, high quality home furnishings." 
Every piece of awesomeness on this Style Board is from Chairish.