Friday, April 18, 2014

l'oréal advanced suncare silky sheer bb lotion, tinted

Whomever named this wonder lotion totally nailed it, it is indeed silky sheer and I love it!  I have never worn "makeup", that is I have never worn foundation, on a regular basis, maybe once a year, maybe.  I do like a tinted moisturizer, not so much for covering, but for a hint of tint.  I do have a tube of Maybelline Dream BB Cream, but I find it looks a little too make-upy as well as leaving my borderline shiny instead of dewy.  So when I was at ULTA a trip or two ago, to buy something else entirely, this little bottle the color of sunshine caught my eye.

It is a BB lotion with all the benefits of being a BB: 
  • protects (SPF 30 or 50+, YES, broad spectrum 30 or 50+ with Hexiplex!)
  • corrects  (vitamin E and grape seed) 
  • evens (sheer tint, NOT full coverage)
  • smooths
  • brightens
  • controls oil (more like a liquid than lotion, it dries to a matte/powdery finish)
I wear a facial oil underneath for a bit of moisturizer as well as my eye cream then the super awesome, L'Oréal Silky Sheer BB Lotion.  My skin is smooth, slightly tinted and matte and it stays matte, not a chalky matte either.  Give it a try, let me know your thoughts as well!

5 out of 5 squeals

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

love it, live it: fashion inspired boho lounge

Inspired by a graphic bohemian top from Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent,
this lounge is laid back while being lively and vivid.

Product sources available upon request TCSTYLIST1@GMAIL.COM

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


clean and cool

clean sophistication

 cool elegance

international cool

cool comfort



dream cabinets

amazing bones, simple furnishings

cozy and cool

Monday, April 14, 2014

love it, live it: fashion inspired interior, twelfth street by cynthia vincent

After enjoying some spring sunshine and temps near the 80's, Mother Nature decided to throw us a curve ball yesterday...a high of 30° and a couple inches of snow, bleh!
This Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent top is calling screaming my name!  Not only fashion wise but interior wise as well.  It's exotic, graphic, laid back and cool. 

Laid Back Lounge coming Wednesday.

Monday, April 7, 2014


We celebrated PaPa's life on Saturday April 5 with many friends and family.  His picture boards were a testament to his fun and silly side.  I put together a play list, available on my Spotify under PaPa, with music that ranges from CCR to Sinatra.  The flower arrangements were happy and bright, like my PaPa, and we used jars and bottles for the flowers that I have been collecting over the years (PaPa always said, "don't throw fill in the blank away, we can always use it for something") to use for my wedding, that has yet to happen due to the lack of a groom.  Now my jars and bottles will serve double duty for two very important celebrations in my life.











Porter misses his Grampa too...

Friday, March 28, 2014


I have always told my clients, "art is personal".  If a client wants me to choose art for their styling, I will, but my rule of thumb in general is that they select the art, because art is sooooo very personal.  My taste in art is very simple, normal, easy on the eye, pleasant, when you look at it you know what it is, no one has to explain to you what it means and it generally does not cause nightmares. 


all images above from Elle Decor March 2014
 Of course I realise if you are wealthy, art is an investment, but why does it have to be ugly? I am not wealthy.  When I am, I still will not invest in ugly art.  I will invest in fabulous furniture, fashion and shoes!  One of my wall's, below, consists of art purchased from E-Bay. The pieces are pretty and visually pleasing, but I chose them because I like them and they fit my style.

Below is a client's parlour wall.  The art consists of an inherited, amazing 100 year old cork carving (lower left) , a gift from a friend (far right, over 75 years old), a $5 watercolor from a sidewalk artist at the Met (top center), a Picasso poster and a $1.50 watercolor from a Colorado Springs 5 &10 back in the 60's.  And it's fabulous!